This is sort of a disclaimer. It has nothing to do with the forthcoming elections or the shouts « weeeewweeeee », the anthem of my fellow Makerere University students, sometimes disillusioned as to the level of courage before being showered with ‘pink water’. It also has nothing to do with how I have been battered and bruised by the fists of Law School and how I am  already writing my testimony and re-collecting my tears for that day come three years from now, having cleared LDC and lending my vocal chords to a rendition of the hymn « We shall overcome ». (Considering I cannot sing). Yes belief leads to deed right?  Well, with some sweat and tears.

That is besides the point. The point is these thoughts I have been nursing. They have got me thinking that insanity is the only way to live. That « normalty » is overrated. Below is a list of them;

  • Bullying of Vitz car crivers. Hmnnnn…. I have been blessed with a car(read Vitz). But you see, I have been quick to learn that on Ugandan roads, the bigger the car, the more the level of respect. The less chances for the Taxi Drivers to say  » Oyo nowomukoona. Tewali Buzibu ». Yours is no Mercedes Benz. My ‘baby’, has endured of all sorts name-calling. The likes of « wheelburrow » and « pooti ». Ye banaye! But I have been quick to learn that the best revenge for bullying is asserting your rights, much to the the curious gazes of stunned taxi and bodaboda drivers, provided you dodge scratchings and bumps on the said car. And yes, being a Vitz car driver does not disengage one’s rights from being a bit too assertive on the road. There’s no rule stating that « thou shall not overtake a bigger car on all days of the week, especially on the Sabbath. »  At least not that, that I’ve come across.
  • The  curious case of egos and innuendo on Twitter. I believe this is what Twitter has done; It has weaned people with low self esteem issues into gurus who decide to put down others to make themselves feel better. To nurse their still existing bruised egos. Maybe the fact that people have « followers » has made them to believe that they are validated into making statements loaded with sexual innuendo and demean people with contrary views to them. There are cases where activism has been achieved. But even then, this is mostly when the whole media fraternity on Twitter decides to get behind a cause. Have a contrary view(a reasonable one), you’ll be gunned down to the ground.

Granted, May be I’m still reeling from the time when a friend of mine went missing, and some Twitter « King » made lewd remarks as to why she could be missing. When he was called out on his remarks, he unapologetically reminded us how he would not apologise and how he was entitled to his opinions(This is a classic case of unreasonable views.) Or maybe, I’m still spitting and thrashing about the fact that another of these Twitter Gurus, about a week ago, a full grown man with a wife and daughter ( I hear), found it hilarious to lead an ‘excavation’ into media bullying. He uploaded a photo of a beautiful woman (In my opinion) and remarked on the size of her forehead. Still, attempts to call him out on the issue were futile. Or maybe, I am just self-righteous you know. A little miss ‘good-tissues’. Perhaps, I’m so outdated that I can’t stand a « litro » online sexual banter. Perhaps, really that is what all is about.  And no, I will not leave Twitter, observation they say, like experience is a fitting teacher.

This is the part where  I’m supposed to pen off with a clever statement as to life and empathy and all related things. But it’s 2 a.m in the morning. I can’t think very clearly anymore. My popcorn and juice are no more and, I’m exhausted from all this emotional rambling. I will not grumble  any further about other things ‘ebili ku mwooyo’. No, I will now match off to my bed, having wedged a battle of words. As to if this war has been successful, I will never know. But realistically, perhaps I need to recruit some people with better combat skills. Now then, shall you join me?

I                                   IMG-20150628-WA0010


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