Like the lure of dark tropical soils to the rain,

I am irresistible to you.

I know this not because you say so,

But because you have-

unknowingly shown me.

And when you finally decide to swarm me,

with heavy pellets that will dislodge the soft ground,

I do hope for both our sake,

that I will not have moved on.

Even the soils are blown by wind,

And if that happens….

If you find that the wind enticed me more,

Don’t be wistful….

Just be glad that you could not contain me.

That the wind prevailed over you, the rain,

that we combined into-

a torrential nature of force.

That with the wind,

I became free-spirited,

As we glided together over emotions-

and unknown dreams,

without a sure destination in mind…

And when you, the rain come…

With your sure bravado,

I hope that your lustre will still be appealing.

That the life you breathe into me,

with the wetness of your stature,

will excite me like a child’s play in the rain.

However, if you find that it no longer does…

Know that while I longed for you

on sweaty nights’ end,

With my lips chapped and my throat dry,

My saliva being its own relief,

That I learnt how to live without you….

And if that happens,

You will have only yourself to blame.



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