Run, run for your lives!

The forces of nature whispered into my ears yester evenin’.

They told me that

The battle lines have been drawn,

The invisible swords sharpened and rifles loaded.

I tell y’all,

I saw for myself,

Their enemy will perish.

I asked them,

“What the matter be? Why the wrath?”

They told me that armed with paintbrushes,

They were coming to repaint the world,

“With what I said?”

“With the colour black”

I drew a step back,

Fearful, for I like my world coloured.

They rose in anger.

“Hearken child-but black is coloured!”

They reminded me of the fact that cocoa is black.

That black too can be SAVOURY,

That coffee and Nescafe and hot chocolate,

Have reawakened the feelings of men.

That the only reason why darkness is black,

And we are fearful of it,

Is because it reveals the true nature of men,

That because of darkness,

Masks are cast away

To unravel the sometimes frightful nature of man.

That therefore, black is HONEST.

They reminded me of tar too.

That it is no push-over.

That it is thick and MIGHTY and STRONG.

I was reminded of how the void between the planets is black.

That black has birthed and nurtured,

That within a seemingly empty void,

These forces of nature reside,

In harmony with the planets.

“What should I do?” I asked them.

They told me to make love to the melanin of my skin.

To soothe it and caress it.

To yell to other girls akin me and say,

“Put away your bleaching creams!”

To comfort young men and say to them,

“You have all the potential there is,

You need no validity from anyone else, other than your own.”

They told me that with the world’s acceptance of the colour black,

The world would be in its most beautiful form yet!

Qwemy2 20141230_055212



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