If you had asked me,

a dry season ago

what my favourite thing was

I would have told you…..

I like to lie on feathers

and let them carry me





further away.

I would have told you.

that to jettison worry and care for the world,

was to reign ‘roi’,

in the kingdom of ‘je ne sais quoi’


If you had asked me,

two dry seasons ago,

What makes me famished and why my lips are parched….

I would have replied…

that I missed floating on endless seas

That the tides which carried me,

away from trifles

Had gone south for the holiday.

But they had sent their love through the rain,

showered me with sprinkles,

a promise for a later return.


If you had asked me three dry seasons ago,

what makes me groan in my sleep.

I would have said,

that the possibility of an end

to the solitude the night brings,

and that a reflection in the vastness

of my dreams and hopes….

would be partly erased by the morrow.

And my inner demons would,

be engulfed

with larger and more frightening ones

hanging precariously, in front of me.


But if you ask me now,

What I have done

and who I’ve become…

I’d say….

that I’ve partly shoved…

my spirit into my pockets

for safeguarding

and sewn them with thick woollen thread.

I would say

my hands, now empty

and newly turned coarse,

were balled up into fists.

That I lay crouched in the dark

eyes searching

ears listening….

for thunder before the storm.

I’d say I still dream

But now I am wiser.

Before I can lie down,

Before I can float…

Before I can sleep.

I’d be guard of my manor.

And duel away

the enemy of my  territory.







2 réflexions sur “IF YOU HAD ASKED ME….

  1. Bagyenziii… thank you « Headless Chicken ». This is the part where I report myself and say having discovered your blog last year, I gobbled up all the poetry. With that lovely compliment, I can now tell my mummy … « Mummy ntuuse! » Senkyu 🙂


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