Silence is no safety, y’know

it’s where fear seeks refuge

instead let’s start a revolution, mukwano

and put Che Guevara to shame

with this ardent fire…

Gifting more love to the universe- our very own socialism, not « sosolism »*

Anxious Bukinabe feet matching in Ouagadougou,

declaring Coup d’état over your heart, mine… ours.


and if that fails,

let’s rewrite the story of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes

erase… pause… highlight.. erase…write…

a scene where we meet at a quaint ‘Kampalan’ gathering

Your eyes seeking my eyes, my eyes seeking anything but.

everything translating to words and sentences and stanzas and paragraphs and stories and… novels,

and possibly happily-ever-forever..




PS: It doesn’t get easier writing love poems. Not because I’m not in love. Wait, am I? 😉 Anyway I shall pat myself on the back and one day return to it, to polish it up, doing something to lengthen it. And bagyenzi, something needed to be done on this blog.

*sosolism- term coined by poet from okusosola; meaning to segregate.





5 réflexions sur “KAMPALAN-BUKINABE…

    1. Thank you Nevender :). A ka slight blush now rests on my face. oh, only time shall tell. It has taken me roughly two years to write one from said inception of feelings, so clearly…. *covers eyes*


    1. Parce que I was thinking about revolutions and then Thomas Sankara. I wanted to relate a revolution in the African context, which also led me to think about the fairly recent attempted coup d’état in Burkina Faso in 2015. So basically the kind of love that I was aiming to refer to was an awakening kind, among other things. eh…. I have over ‘talked’…. *crawls away*


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