#UgBlogWeek Day 3: LIGHTHOUSE.


 No pi-ki-cha

Of a lighthouse

That stands on a lone island,

In a forgotten country.

Thunder and lightning

Drowning out…

A thousand voices carried by the winds.


PS: Today, I am getting  personal, call it a tell-tale . Lately, I have been feeling like my poetry is static. Like it’s not growing. I feel that an artist regardless of the specialty, needs growth to develop skill.

Over the years, reading has helped me when I felt like this. There are times months and months pass by before I can write again. Lately, I am trying to write every week and read when I can.

On one of those days when I was uncovering every surface on the internet for poetry, I landed on a poem by Richard Ali: Five Stations for Various. You can find it here http://expoundmagazine.com/five-stations-various-richard-ali/.

People, these are goals. One day, I shall write like this. I have come a long way but clearly, I still have a long way to go.

One day, I shall write a poem like ‘Five Stations for Various.’ No, scratch that, I shall write poems like this. This is currently my go to poem when I want to unravel creativity.

Oh and he is a lawyer. Isn’t this another sign? 😉


3 réflexions sur “#UgBlogWeek Day 3: LIGHTHOUSE.

    1. Well, I have read some of the beat generation’s poetry and I find it all complex. I enjoyed only Gregory Corso’s poetry. The poetry on the whole inevitably challenged me. But it was not an exciting challenge. It was the kind that makes you want to write poetry with a lot of metaphors and ‘big words’ that are way beyond poor me. Obviously they are very accomplished poets whose poetry my sometimes slow brain can’t decipher. Thank you for the recommendation. I welcome more suggestions especially poetry that is a bit more simple to understand. Senkyu Elijah.


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