So, I think the best decision I have made in a while was to deactivate some of my Social Media accounts. At this rate, the surviving ones may follow suit.

WHY? People, I have been able to write 4 poems in a week. HOW? Reading a lot of poetry. I honestly feel like I am just getting started. *does a Simba and Mustapha roar*. Obviously, some need work but I tell ya, I’m feeling invincible right now. *also slides in a ka request to Mother Mary and St. Jude for …. well, they know what*.

But anyway, when I posted last, I was gushing about ‘Five Stations for Various.’ Today, my literary crush is…. *cues drumroll but realises it is already revealed from my title, up there… then stops the music*… Nick Makoha. My gash. My gash. You have to seriously see for your selves. I have honestly not read interviews that inspire as much thought as his  did> . If you love literature, You’re welcome. Also, you can check more of what he’s up to here. And last but not least, here’s a poem of his that I love.

Well, I am not done. This is only the beginning.


Self-appointed Sherlock Holmes in Literature


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